equisalud bienestar natural


Equisalud is a leading laboratory in holistic phytotherapy, whose headquarters are based in Pamplona, Spain. Equisalud bases its products on respect for nature, the study of the active ingredients present in plants, and on careful attention to quality control.

josenea infusiones ecológicas


Josenea aims to work with and for people, promoting employment and social development for those who for various reasons have difficulties integrating into work environments. Josenea achieves this through the cultivation of organic medicinal and aromatic plants, producing the highest quality teas and infusions, as well as providing environmental services.

hotel balneario rio pambre

Hotel Balneario Río Panbre

A small health and wellness hotel situated amongst the forests of Ulloa, Spain. Hotel Balneario Río Panbre has been built in tune to Galician weather and architecture, that traditionally uses; stone, wood and slate.



Geosanix’s mission is to evaluate known pollutants in buildings and outside spaces, to create healthier spaces for us and our children. Geosanix’s work includes ‘invisible’ factors that can directly affect our health such as; natural and artificial electromagnetic radiation, and environmental pollution.



Natursanix is an online herbalist specializing in natural remedies and medicinal plants, all of which are organic, natural and of the highest quality. The online store offers and array of products, including; phytotherapy remedies, medicinal plants, Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutritional supplements, vitamins, amino acids, organic teas and infusions, natural cosmetics, appliances for radiation protection, and an assortment of wellbeing books.

ediciones i

Ediciones i

Ediciones i specialises in helping people to live more positively and more happily. Its work encompasses: self-development, healthy lifestyle choices, spirituality, practical philosophy, ecology and ethical issues.

clínica de medicina integrativa

Clínica de Medicina Integrativa

CMI is the first medical center in Spain to offer Integrative Medicine, a new model of medical treatment that has been built as an answer to the ever increasing number of people contracting chronic illnesses. CMI integrates the extensive scientific knowledge and Western treatments, to alternative and complementary medicines and treatments.

Bufete Almodóvar & Jara

Bufete Almodóvar & Jara. Comunicación y Derechos en Salud

Founded by writer and journalist Miguel Jara, and specialist lawyer in healthcare rights, Francisco Almodóvar, Bufete Almodóvar & Jara offers legal consultancy and assistance, press communication, and public relations.