The air we breathe at home contributes significantly to our exposure to toxins in the home. 

Many people are worried about issues such as urban atmospheric pollution. However, it is more likely that the air pollution most harmful to our health is not this, but is in fact the air we breathe inside our homes and workplaces.

People of the Western world spend the vast majority of their time in enclosed spaces and the pollution that can be found inside a house, for example, can be several times higher than that in a highly polluted street.

It is a well-known fact within the scientific community that a large proportion of our exposure to pollutants occurs within our own homes. This is something we need to think about and, more importantly, that we need to act on.

There is a lot we can do in our own homes, without the added difficulties we may have to deal with in other enclosed spaces, such as the workplace, where everyone needs to share the same commitment.

A huge quantity of harmful chemical agents from numerous sources can build up in our homes.