Through the food we eat, an array of harmful toxins can enter our homes and therefore our bodies. A large number of these are contained in the food itself, in the form of industrial contaminants, pesticide residues and additives. Others, for example, can be found in the food packaging or containers, or in the equipment used for food preparation.

In today’s industrial society, many pollutants are emitted into the atmosphere or spill into rivers, seas and soil, thus entering the food chain. Some of these pollutants tend to be very persistent and bioaccumulative, and are concentrated in increasing levels as they climb the food chain.

Amongst these pollutants, there are some which cause great concern for the scientific community: dioxins, PCBs, hexachlorobenzene, lindano, DDE etc., many of which enter our bodies through our food.

Almost all of us have toxins such as these in our bodies. Many scientific studies associate the often “low” levels of these toxins with an increased risk of contracting a number of different health problems.

Food can be contaminated with pesticide residues, heavy metals that come from kitchen utensils amongst other possible sources.