Immune system problems

One possible effect of the toxins in our homes could be the development of immunological problems. For example, the number of asthma cases has increased dramatically in recent decades and there are studies which show a correlation between the exposure to certain chemicals and an increase in cases of childhood asthma.


There have also been studies which show a link between allergies and chemical pollution in closed spaces e.g. in the home.

Cases of autoimmune diseases such as lupus, multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis have increased in the last few decades, partly due to environmental factors.

Immunosuppression is another immunological change which scientific research has associated with a number of chemical pollutants. 

Below you can find more in-depth information about some of these disorders and their link with chemical exposure:


asma alergias autoinmunidad inmunosupresion
Asthma Allergies Autoimmunity Immunosuppression