Other household items


Batteries, for example, previously contained important pollutants such as mercury, cadmium or lead and, although measures are in place to reduce the usage of these toxins, many of the brands on the market continue to have various quantities of toxic chemicals in them. Button cell batteries, for example, can contain levels of mercury.

Some stationery items such as correction fluid, ink, felt-tip pens, erasers, glues etc. can contain worrying chemicals e.g. methylene chloride, toluene, xylene etc.

Various adhesives for wood, plastics, ceramics etc. can contain toxic chemicals such as solvents or bisphenol A (found in epoxy resins).

Correction fluids can be very toxic. The use of some plasticisers e.g. phthalates, which are particularly harmful for children, have been found in erasers etc. Felt-tip pens may contain dangerous substances in their inks and their solvents.

In certain plasticine products, chemicals such as cadmium, chromium and lead have also been found.

We should also be aware of candles as a large majority of them are synthetic (particularly if they are fragranced) and can emit harmful compounds.

The list of household items which may contain numerous harmful substances is extremely long and has by no means been exhausted.

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