It is up to us

There is a lot that we can do, individually, to reduce the toxic burden in our homes.

podemos desintoxicar el hogarThe first thing to know is that there are alternatives. We are not doomed to continue using a variety of products and toxic elements at home. On this site we show many examples of how to start eliminating them. It is often very simple and economical.

We must banish the idea that "if 'everything' is contaminated, what use is it to do something to try to avoid it?"

Sometimes it can be difficult to remove all of the toxins that may be found in a house, however there will always have a positive effect to achieve any degree of reduction of the toxic burden of a home. Achieving this will reduce the stress on our bodies and increase our capacity to stay healthy.

Reducing toxic load, at any level, is always positive.

Another thing that some people are raised to do and that discourages them is to question what good does a simple ordinary person do if businesses and administrations do not take action

The answer is that, this only increases our personal responsibility. Moreover, the power of ordinary people to change things, is larger than many suspect. Do not underestimate the power of the individual.

It is important to see that we can do to create a healthier home. It is simpler than it may seem to do so. Always take positive steps, without letting yourself become overwhelmed.