Non-toxic air fresheners

There are some more natural air fresheners, which have been carefully manufactured to stop the introduction of certain harmful chemicals into the product. These are made using a base of essential oils e.g. fir, eucalyptus, thyme etc. If we can confirm the authenticity of these natural products, we would be able to avoid certain problems.

If, for example, you are always tempted to cover up a smell with an air freshener, it is actually better and more logical to get rid of the smell instead. Often, something as simple as good, natural ventilation could really help. There are also some fairly harmless ingredients which work well as odour neutralisers e.g. bicarbonate of soda or zeolite.

Following on from this, some people leave bicarbonate of soda in a tray or dish to help neutralise an odour. Bicarbonate of soda can also be spread on rugs and carpets a few hours before vacuuming to get rid of pet smells etc. There are some homemade remedies which are good at getting rid of the smell of fish for example (boiling vinegar with water and cloves). Using these kinds of remedies can be extremely effective. A plate with lemon juice and either bicarbonate of soda or vinegar can also eliminate odours.

There are, of course, many natural things which smell nice and can be quite similar to synthetic air fresheners including cloves, cinnamon and even chinaberry. These can be boiled to release their aroma around the house.

The same thing happens if you put aromatic herbs or even some live plants around the house. Some of the plants which can give off an aroma (and can sometimes be added to homemade cleaning products) include: thyme, lemon, juniper or clove, as well as infusions of eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, juniper etc.