Air purifying

One of the easiest ways to reduce a build-up of toxic elements such as VOCs inside our homes is to increase the natural ventilation. This will greatly reduce the concentration of these pollutants.

Of course, we should also try to eliminate or reduce the number of products or items which can emit them, as described in other sections. There are also various types of air purifiers which can retain some VOCs or chemicals found in household dust.

In any case, as with ionisers, we must be careful that they do not add to the ozone levels in our homes. Ozone is a dangerous substance by itself as well as helping to form toxic compounds..

Certain plants (ivy, chrysanthemum, rubber plants, spider plants and lilies), as well as some of the microorganisms found in the soil in their plant pots, can help to capture some pollutants e.g. VOCs which are found inside our homes.

Ferns may absorb some humidity in some rooms e.g. the bathroom. Cactuses have been shown to absorb radiation from televisions or computers.